Thursday, 20 March 2008

Candle Tutorial

As Promised here is the candle tutorial. Firstly Stamp your chosen image onto White tissue paper with Stazon ink.
Then colour your image in using your prefered method. If using whisper pens be careful not to get the tissue to wet. I use Whisper pens or dry watercolor pencils.
Next trim around your image and lay onto the candle.
Wrap the candle with grease proof paper.
Then gently heat with a heat gun. You will notice the image slowly change color and the wax slightly melts and takes in the tissue paper. Then gently remove the grease proof paper. (not tissue paper this will have melted into the wax)
And there you are, I also use stickles to then decorate the image. If you need any further info please mail me on please see next post for finished candle.


NattyK said...

Thanks for that Maria, cannot wait to try it out. x

Vicki May said...

Wow, how clever it that. And the candle look great, what a lovely present Thanks Vicki May x

Bee said...

have printed it off Maria - will have to give it a go.


Michelle said...

Thank you for the great tutorial Maria, i will definately have a go of this soon :0) x

Emma said...

Your candles are lovely, ive just got a few candles to try this out myself :) Em xx