Friday, 18 July 2008

How do I keep my post at the top????

Can anyone tell me how to keep a post at the top of my blog page? I have loads of cards and candles ect to show you but can't get my blog candy to stay at the top lol. HELP!!!


Henderica said...

You could try changing the date of that entry in to the future (date of the blog candy draw)
if you click on Post Options on the bottom of your posts screen you can change the date

Suzanne said...

Hi Maria you need to put your posting date in the future (when you want it to stay until) and then it will stay at the top. Sue :o)

NattyK said...

Maria, when you edit the blog candy post click on post options and enter a date in the future and it will stay on top until then. x

Cazzy said...

Go to Layout (you need to click on customise if you are looking at your blog and not posting or setup), click on add a page element then pick text.

Once you have added the text and saved it will be at the top of the list, but you can drag it with your mouse to the top of your posting element and it will stay there.

Try it and if you need more help just ask.

Gayle said...

Hi Maria
Was just dropping by, to tell you how, but everyine has beaten me to it.
There's a little pressie for you on my blog
Gayle x