Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Hi everyone, well this is day 2, Once my box and feet were dry I applied some Gold Leaf Rub and Buff. You can buy this from most craft shops of Hardware stores.One down three more to go!
In the picture below I have coloured all the box feet and then applied some designer paper to the top of my box. The paper I have used is from the Butterfly Garden collection by Pink Paisley. To apply the paper I used Mod podge, then once it was stuck down I applied a thin coat of Mod podge over the paper to seal it. The reason I do this is to protect the paper as the item will be handled alot.
The little fairy was on the bottom of the 12 x 12 paper so I had to cut her out and stick her on to the box and for this I also used Mod podge.

Once I have made this box I am going to make a mini album that matches to fit into the box, Please come back for the next post to see what happens next.


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Diane.W. said...

It's already looking luvly!!! :o) x