Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A couple more photos

Here are two more photos of my new craft room. The first is of the rails on which I keep my punches ect. Just like the rest of the furniture these are from Ikea and if you are looking for something like this they are called Bygel rails. I have a few more to put up yet, but I am waiting to see how the room works before deciding where they will go.The second pic is of my ink pad storage rack. I find this rack so handy because you can see all your ink pads and they are always to hand. Click Here to see their website. This rack doesn't have to hung on a wall it will also stand on its own too.

Underneath I have another Bygel rail from Ikea, the pots that go on it are also Ikea. These hold my craft knives, pens, ball tools, sanding blocks and many other things. I have had time to work in my little room today and have made three cards. It's so much easier to work in now it is all organised.
Hope everyone is having a good week
Maria x

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Michelle said...

Your new room looks great Maria, I love those ikea cubbie shelves and the overall look of your new room, very clean and organised! xx