Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Room is finished! thank you Hubby x

Ok so here is my finished room, I can safely say I am never going to do this room again and it was more stress than moving house! I have realised how much stuff I actually have especially 12 x 12 paper lol.
The good thing is that it is finished and I am pleased I done it (Well hubby done it!) though I did help with stripping wallpaper.
All of my new furniture is from Ikea and the pigeon hole units are Ikea Expedit units which in my opinion are fabulous.

As blogger is playing up it will only let me upload three photos at a time for some reason, I will post more pics tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good week. Will be back tomorrow to show my first card made in my new room.
Maria x


Suzanne said...

wow Maria this is fabulous you lucky girl... can you send him round to mine to finish it off for me!! Sue :o)

juliejules said...

Maria, its gorgeous, it looks so bright and fresh! I love the Expedit units, I have loads of those too! Jules x

Mel Saint said...

I just love your craft room, you've added a lot more to it since this was taken x