Thursday, 10 April 2008

New stash ( I did need it, I promise!!!)

Well, I am trying to think of an excuse as to why I needed some new stash. I can't actually think of one at the moment lol. I'm sure I needed it though! The top Pic is of the new card stock I got from my local craft shop. I love the Penny Black clear stamps as you get lots for your money. I also got the Bazzill card, 3 of which are spotty.
And these are my new stamps that I got from Ebay. They are from a seller in America and still worked out cheaper than buying them over here. They are all Whipper Snapper stamps, which I think are gorgeous. I have always been a big Penny Black fan, but I have to admit I like these just as much. Hope to make and post some cards later.
Ta ta for now.
Maria x.


NattyK said...

Wow, what a great stash. I love the Whipper Snapper stamps they are so cute, cannot wait to see your new cards. Can you tell me what the ebay seller is called?

Thanks Natalie x

Suzanne said...

Do we need a reason Maria I don't think so we are worth it!!! Sue :o)

Viv said...

LOVE ya stash Maria!!!!
Don't need it, gotta have it, that's MY motto!!! Ha Ha.
Thanks for adding me to your faves. I will do the honours on mine with yours! Viv xxx

Sarah said...

That's some serious stash you've got there!! Have fun and I can't wait to see what you create.
xx :0)

gina said...

OOOhhhh what a lovely bunch of goodies you have bought, I love the whipper snapper stamps you have bought, I am going to ask the same as Natalie which seller did you use?
Gina xx

Michelle said...

Oooh, great new stash Maria. i am loving WS stamps but I only have one :0( Please could you also tell me the seller - they will be inundated with requests though!! Thanks again for my images, yours are on their way, I hope they get to you soon! xx

Tracey said...

Gorgeous Maria, enjoy your lovely stash.

Tarasdesigns said...

you lucky girl, I've been banned from spending until our kitchens finished ;o( I love those Whipper Snapper stamps, which seller did you use?

Tara x

Frances said...

great stash! (found you whilst blog hopping via Tara's blog) I too love buying stamps just as much as using them! great time to buy off US at the moment with exchange rate in our favour. x